Marina New Block 2
23 Apr 2016

Boaters Lounge

The Boaters Lounge is located above the Marina Office and Chandlery. Our Boaters Lounge is considered by many boaters the best on the West Coast! It features washrooms, showers and laundry facilities with many of the interior elements taken from local nautical memorabilia. The bow and stern sections of the old island launch, the “Peanut”, have been incorporated into the comfortable TV and computer lounge and small utility wet bar.

With three commodious unisex showers to romp around in and washrooms fit for a boutique hotel, you will also find details like rod rigging securing the stall partitions and portholes carefully aligned so one can look out while sitting on the loo!

On the lower deck, the boater is welcomed into the marina’s airy reception desk and well-stocked chandlery.